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TitroLine® 6000 is with its spectrum of benefits the ideal entry into the potentiometric titration and the perfect choice for applications in the field of food, water/waste water and environmental analysis. Thanks to the high-resolution and precise pH/mV and “dead-stop” measuring interface is it possible to determine a wide range of parameters.

Features of the TitroLine® 6000

· High resolution pH/mV measuring interface and measuring input for temperature measurement
· Measuring interface for polarisable electrodes (“dead-stop”)
· Available standard methods such as FOS/TAC, alkalinity, total acidity in soft drinks
· Linear and dynamic titration to equivalence point
· Titrations to pH, mV and μA end point
· Manual titrations and dosing tasks are also practicable



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Water/Wastewater & Environmental
Food & Beverage


Beside the features which are mentioned in the general part of the titration family, the TitroLine® 7000 offers much more performance.

Characteristics of the TitroLine® 7000:

As a rule 10 –15 user methods (TitroLine® 6000) are usually enough for the most requirements. But sometimes you need a little bit more capacity. The TitroLine® 7000 can store up to 50 user methods.

Highest safety for measuring and calibrating through wireless sensor recognition for SCHOTT® Instruments ID-electrodes. The new electrodes with definite identification are sending their specific data wireless to the titrator. Therefore the TitroLine® 7000 uses always the correct calibration data. Erroneous measurements are excluded.

With a pH stat application a given pH is first adjusted and then kept constant at the certain time with an acid or a base. The pH stat titration is applied to e.g.

· The determination of the enzyme activity
· The pH stat elution of soil sample at pH 4
· The monitoring of the pH value during chemical syntheses

It is possible to detect and calculate up to 2 equivalence points during one titration. Thanks to this it is possible to determine also the Calcium and Magnesium hardness instead of only the total hardness.

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Typical Applications of the Water/Wastewater & Environmental Analysis:

· pH-value, alkalinity ("p+m-value")
· Permangnate index
· Total Kjeldahl nitrogen
· Chloride in wastewater
· Free and Total Chlorine in drinking water
· Total Hardness (sum of Ca+ and Mg+)
· Dissolved oxygen according to "Winkler" method

Accurate results without compromise!

The Titroline® 6000 is the ideal choice for food and beverage applications such as QA/QC, R&D, food science and nutritional evaluation.

Typical Applications of Food Analysis:

· Salt content (chloride, sodium chloride)
· pH-value, total acidity in wine, beverages and food products such as condiments
· Formol number in fruit and vegetable juices
· Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
· Calcium in milk and dairy products
· Protein determination (kjeldahl-nitrogen) in milk and dairy products
· Reducing sugar in wine and juices
· Iodine number, peroxide number, free fatty acids and saponification number1)
· Determination of free and total sulfurous acid (H2SO3) in wine and must

1) The use of Free fatty acids and saponification number has to be tested in each individual case.

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